Harare City under fire for failure to complete projects

By Fungai Jachi

Harare City Council has been slammed for spending several millions of dollars on a number of projects that have turned into white elephants.

Years have gone by and what Harare residents hold on to are empty promises from the city fathers.

The decongestion of the city centre through the construction of holding bays and bus termini still remains nothing but an empty promise.

A survey by ZBC News revealed that bus termini constructed by the local authority have been lying idle yet huge sums of money were injected into the projects.

The Golden Quarry bus terminus, which was supposed to cater for long distance buses plying the Bulawayo route, was not even used despite the council giving the impression that construction works were progressing well.

It is the same story with Rhodesville bus terminus, with the area having turned into a bush covered by thick grass.

Coventry holding bay is another project that has not served its purpose and this has not gone down well with residents who feel short changed by the local authority.

“The local authority should make sure they see their projects through. They inject a lot of money into these projects and leave them hanging which is unfair on the ratepayers,” Director Harare Residents Trust Precious Shumba said.

As has become the norm, Harare City Council Spokesperson Michael Chideme blamed it all on lack of funding.

“We do not have funds to complete these projects, but we hope that as soon as we have funding these projects will be finished,” Chideme said.

The Harare city council has been under fire for poor service delivery including failing to collect refuse, burst sewer pipes and failing to provide safe drinking water.

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