Harare – a home of weird tales

By Memory Chamisa

Harare seems to be the home of all the much-talked about weird stories. Whether real or not, some of the bizarre stories always ignite debate on what has become of Zimbabweans.

The beginning of the year saw Harare buzzing with stories of people who are alleged to have become traditionalists over night.

The city was abuzz with the manjuzu queens and it was somehow believed light skinned women commonly referred to as “yellow bones” made the supposed list.

As funny as it sounds, the manjuzu frenzy saw some even bathing in sewer water claiming that they were being cleansed in a waterfall.

After that, the “bute” craze made noise on the streets and as shocking as it was even youngsters were seen taking snuff.

However, the craziest was the “zvigumwe/toes” obsession where some people were believed to be selling their toes in exchange for riches and trendy cars, with the most famous being the GD6.

That even saw the Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Honourable Kindness Paradza visiting the popular Ximex Mall to verify the truth, but it turned out to be a nothing more than a hoax.

The big question is what has become of the stories? Are they just meant to pass time and liven up the social media spaces?

“Some of these stories are lies just peddled to while up time and are not real,” a resident said.

Another added, “People are quick to adopt things they’re not well versed with. It’s just the same with the manjuzu-bute craze. Those who were ill-informed were at the forefront and now because they took to things they didn’t know, it’s no longer trending.”

For others, these are not just fly by night stories, they are real.

“I have seen for myself children who are taking snuff in the name of tradition. It’s very much alarming what we are seeing in our communities,” commented another resident.

After all has been said and done, one wonders, what’s next.