“Halt child marriage” sculpture trends on social media

By ZBC Reporter

Local stone sculptor David Ngwerume has harnessed his talent to advocate for an end to early marriages with his latest piece making waves on social media.

Ngwerume has attracted the hearts of many with his sculpture dubbed “Halt child marriages.”

The issue of early marriages has come under spotlight following the recent death of a 14 year old girl Memory Machaya while giving birth in Marange.

The sculpture has been trending on various social media platforms, opening a can of worms which has seen more cases coming out.

“This art was inspired by the issue of child marriages. It is hurting our children who could have a bright future and that also derails our progression as a nation into the 21st Century. Working together we should go into those areas and stop, educate them about the harmful nature of these practices,” Ngwerume said.

 The sculptor tells a story of many words in one picture, sending the message with a clear voice.

 Government is working tirelessly to curb early marriages which have seen social workers being deployed across the country to save the girl child.