Gweru businesswoman becomes the first national dress brand ambassador

By Tafara Chikumira

A Gweru based businesswoman has become the first national dress brand ambassador as the government takes the national dress fabric launch to provinces.

Elaine Muchena of Pretty Woman became the first person in the country to land the prestigious position as the government launched the national dress fabric in the Midlands province this Thursday.

Her business acumen is twerking her line of trade in the face of COVID-19 has seen government according to her the ambassadorial role at a prestigious function.

“Before lockdown, she was a hairdresser and during the lockdown, this was deemed a non-essential service,” Dr Sithembiso Nyoni.
“She then ventured into tailoring. She made lots of safety clothing. She started a business during the lockdown and she made a lot of protective clothing.
“Resilience has made her the brand ambassador of the national dress fabric. Having a national dress has a great duty to foster identity. It’s a tool to have to belong to our culture.”

Zimbabweans have been urged to have a sense of identity and the idea of a national dress fabric is a milestone that should be embraced by everyone.

“Having a national dress is a symbol of pride. We need to show who we are through what we wear. Our own Zimbabwe attire should be unique from the rest of the world as it should scream proudly Zimbabwean,” Elaine Muchena.
“Thank you Amai Mnangagwa for a great vision in coming up with such a noble idea. Let’s get trending with fashion. We need to see people showcasing this national identity.”

The national dress fabric, which was launched by President Emerson Mnangagwa in 2019, has designs that portray the country’s culture and identity to give people a sense of pride and belonging.