Gwayi-Shangani dam project taking shape

By ZBC Reporter
THE US$120 million Gwayi-Shangani Dam project, viewed as a long-term solution to Bulawayo’s perennial water challenges is taking shape with the contractor and implementing agent upbeat of delivering by December next year.
The multi-million-dollar national project whose scope entails the construction of a compacted concrete gravity arch dam, 10-megawatt power station and a water pump station is now 39% complete with expectations high that 60% will have been covered by end of this year.
Deputy Director in the office of Matabeleland North Minister of State, Tapera Mugoriya has expressed satisfaction with progress made to date and stressed the significance of the project towards unlocking the economic potential of the province.
“As a province, we are extremely grateful to the second republic for its commitment to ensuring the completion of the project which we believe has the potential to transform our region into a horticulture hub and a greenbelt,” he said.
According to the Project Engineer, Samuel Muchirahondo construction work has temporarily been put on hold due to the rains, but he expressed confidence that with timeous disbursement of funds, the project will be delivered by December next year.
“Substantial work has been done and currently the dam wall is up eight metres with expectations that by December we would have reached 20 metres level. We remain confident that subject to funds we will be able to deliver the project by December 2021,” he said.
The Gwayi-Shangani Dam will upon completion become the third-largest inland dam in the country after Tugwi-Mukosi and Mutirikwi.