Gwayi community in forestry preservation campaign

The Gwayi community in Matabeleland North Province has renewed its commitment to preserve the abundant forests that have for long been part of their life.

This came out during the commemorations of the International Day of Forests held this Saturday in the area.

The Gwayi area is endowed with thick forests that form an enviable ecosystem, with the country also getting its natural hardwood from this part of the country.

To the surrounding communities, the trees are a treasure they need to preserve.

Kraalhead, Mr Christopher Ncube emphasised the relationship that exists between forests and humanity. “To us trees are life. We must preserve them as they also preserve us.”

“On each International Day of Forests, the country is encouraged to organise effective forestry preservation and tree planting campaigns,” said the ward councillor, Mr Rabson Ncube.

The commitment in the Gwayi community is backed by a pledge to go beyond preservation of trees.

“We are going to plant more than a hundred different kind of trees on this day as part of our commemoration,” said Mr Daniel Sithole of Green Shango Environment Trust.

This year the International Day of Forests underscores the importance of education at all levels in achieving sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation.