Gwanda man ekes a living off garbage picking

By Providence Maraneli

WHILE most men in Gwanda are into artisanal mining and other so-called acceptable fields, one man has deviated from the norm after devoting his life to picking garbage for survival.

Mbulawa Msipa and other scavengers wait patiently for a municipal dump truck to offload rubbish at the Gwanda dumpsite.

As the dump truck approaches Msipa sprints towards the truck, he wants to be the first on-site and with his bare hands, he plunges into what is rubbish to others.

Unlike other scavengers, he has chosen to stay at the dumpsite unperturbed by the prevailing weather conditions.

“Because of hardships I chose this not so appetizing job and I earn a living off it. I chose to stay here at the dumpsite because there is no security and once you leave your stuff the same people that laugh at you saying you are mad to come and steal it. So I stay and I have built this shake for myself. I have family in Filabus but I chose to come here so that I can eke a living,” he said.

While others choose fields that are considered descent by society, Msipa is not moved.

“Some people think that I am mad but I am normal, I just pick the rubbish for survival. I am more motivated by the little money that I get after all it won’t be labelled as money gotten from scavenging.”

Men like Msipa have in some way become environmental stewards while at the same time earning a living.

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