Gwanda man assembles quad bike from scrap metal

By Sifiso Mpofu

A Gwanda-based mechanic has become an overnight sensation after inventing his own version of an all-terrain quad bike from disused motorcycle parts and scrap metal.   

One thing that bikers are confident about is that if you let a motorcycle into your life, it will change you forever.

It is the combination of fear and the thrill of accelerating from zero to 150 kilometres per hour in a few seconds that they say turns you into a fanatic.

One such enthusiast is Nhlanhla Gabula, popularly known as Orieyantso in Gwanda, whose fascination with bikes has seen him go beyond repairing and riding the powerful machine to assembling one.

It is however not a typical motorcycle but a quad bike that is normally used at safari expeditions or drag sporting events.  

“Well this has always been my dream to come up with something like this and the lockdown gave me an opportunity to bring the dream to life. What I did was use parts from two old motorbikes at my workshop and scrap metals to assembly this quad bike.”

The backyard invention which took a few weeks to complete is one of the many motorised machines that Gabula wishes to manufacture.    

“There is a lot that I want to assembly for instance, I intend to build a speed boat because I love speed. So if I get the support that I need that is something I believe I can build with my own hands.”

Gabula’s brilliance and desire to share his skills with the youth has also charmed locals who believe he should be given more support.

“We are really amazed by what Gabula has managed to assembly. We believe that the youths can learn a lot from him he gets the right support).

It may not be a cutting edge bike with high tech features that most modern quads have but Gabula believes his talent, hard work, passion and determination will one day see him ride on the crest of success.