Gvt steps up efforts to revive utilisation of domestic tourism markets

The Government has expressed concern over a disturbing trend in which domestic tourism is being underutilised despite vast attractive resort areas across the country.
Zimbabwe, like many other developing economies the world over, is taking seriously the need for locals to become a key market player within the domestic tourist resorts, hotels, recreational facilities, national parks among others.
However, there is a downward trend in terms of the local market share, a move that is being attributed to the prevailing macro-economic challenges.
The limited or low activity within the domestic tourism sector was confirmed by the Minister of Environment, Climate Change, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Honourable Mangaliso Ndlovu while calling on for a concreted stakeholder approach in tapping the underutilised but viable domestic market.
“ It is all about the ability to embrace those special packages that can unlock the much needed systems to ensure the viability of the sector in the short to long term so that more can be tapped and benefits derived,” said the Minister.
Findings from a tourism sector study, reveals the revival of the domestic tourism depends on the government and private sector ability to offer attractive packages at affordable costs, aggressive marketing of tourism to local people and awareness of available facilities among others.