Gvt spearheads energy development policy

By ZBC Reporter
THE Government is spearheading an energy development policy that seeks to increase efficiency in the generation, distribution and utilisation of energy sources to ensure access by all citizens.
Reforms which have been undertaken by government over the last couple of years have seen a marked decline in incidents of power cuts and of late the total eradication of fuel queues.
What is only left to be addressed is how the country can efficiently use energy to avert potential waste and ensure access by all.
Deliberations at an energy efficiency policy workshop organised by the Ministry of Energy and Power Development centred on how adoption of an energy efficient policy is key to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal Number 7.
“The Government of Zimbabwe continues to craft policies that seeks to see Zimbabwe becoming energy independent as enshrined in the National Energy Development Policy and this includes energy efficiency measures that achieves the our goal of distributing energy to almost everyone,” said the Deputy Minister of Energy Hon Magna Mudyiwa.
ZERA Chief Executive Officer, Eddington Mazambani explained how his organisation is spearheading energy saving initiatives, with a potential to save almost 300MW of electricity.
“We may be producing enough energy as a country but there is need for behavioural change so that household and industrial users can adopt energy saving techniques. So far we have trained auditors who will help us to track the progress made in fostering that behavioural change,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mazambani revealed that in keeping with the spirit of adopting green energy sources, ZERA has acquired an electric vehicle that will be showcased at the upcoming Zimbabwe Agricultural Show slated for the end of this month.

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