Gvt makes impressive covid-19 vaccination journey

By Memory Chamisa

THE Government has assured the nation that it has enough storage facilities for all medicines, including COVID-19 vaccines.

With a target to inoculate a minimum of 10 million people to attain herd immunity, the government continues to take delivery of COVID-19 vaccines for the benefit of its citizens.

Touring the COVID-19 storage facilities at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals this Sunday, the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John Mangwiro gave an update of the vaccines received so far and the country’s storage capacity.

“Out of the 12 million vaccines paid for by, we have received a total of eight million two hundred and fifty five vaccine doses, with over six million doses distributed across the country’s hospitals and clinics.”

Dr Mangwiro also reminded the public that vaccinations of other diseases are still being done at all public health facilities.

“People seem to have shifted focus on COVID-19 that they have forgotten there are other diseases such as typhoid, polio, that need to be vaccinated against so it is imperative that they go and also get vaccinated.”

Zimbabwe is currently ranked amongst the best in Africa in terms of administering vaccines and has a roll out plan that has so far proved to be the most successful in Southern Africa.

As of this Saturday, a total of one million four hundred and fifty thousand nine hundred and eighty one people had received their second doses, with a total of two million three hundred and one thousand six hundred and forty one having received their first jab.