Guyu-Manama road nears completion

By Providence Maraneli

GOVERNMENT’S infrastructure development drive has spurred commercial activity at various business centres across the country including Manana area of Gwanda where there has been massive growth of residential settlements and industrial sites.

From the tarring of Guyu-Manana road to the construction of Thuli-Manyange dam and the revitalisation of Guyu-Chelesa irrigation scheme, there is a hive of activity in Manama and surrounding areas.

Under the auspices of the Gwanda Rural District Council, the emerging Manama town is already benefiting from the Second Republic’s deliberate policy of equitable infrastructure development with the local community attesting to the benefits of rural industrialisation.

“If you look now this road has created an environment where investors are flocking our area because the area is now accessible. This is commendable because it will bring development to our area,” said a community member.

“This road links Gwanda to Botswana and its actually shorter from here, we are so happy that the government has prioritised it. It has been long since this road called but the urgency that this contractor has, they will finish soon,” said a villager.

“We are so delighted our area will develop, it was difficult to access this big hospital, Manama, now with this road complete its going to be easy,” a community member.

“We were being charged exorbitant faces because of the road but now it is going to be a thing of the past,” said a relieved villager.

The development has set the ball rolling for the servicing of more than 800 stands around Manama business centre.

“This development has set the ball rolling for a number of issues key among them the setting aside of space for 800 residential stands at Manama. We have allocated a space for an abattoir, which will help farmers in Gwanda South access markets for their livestock. So, with the road almost complete we think the government’s vision of an upper middle-income society by the year 2030 is achievable,” said Rangarirai Sibanda CEO Gwanda rural district council.

Government is seized with the construction of Mberengwa-West Nicholson, Gwanda-Maphisa and Bulawayo-Kezi roads in Matabeleland South province under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP).