Guruve farmers embrace sunflower production

By Tapiwa Machemedze

FARMERS in Guruve have embraced sunflower production in line with government’s drive to cut the US$200 million cooking oil import bill.

Guruve farmer Cyril Mureya inspects his sunflower crops that will be used to generate stock feed as well as to produce cooking oil.

The farmer is not the only one who has heeded government’s call to grow sunflowers as production has fallen to a low of 14 000 tonnes in 2021 which fell short of meeting cooking oil demands.

One Guruve farmer, Cyril Mureya said: “I decided to grow sunflowers because I can produce stock feed for my birds and besides I will sell the other crop to produce oil which is required by our industry.”

Dorothy Deda also said: “I increased my sunflower plot to 1 and half hectares but plan to go even up to two because sunflowers pay well and they have many uses. Nothing is thrown away when we harvest them and we also sell some.”

Grain marketing depots have begun distributing the 1 700 tonnes of sunflower seed imported by government to enhance production of oilseeds.

The crop has been pegged at a lucrative pre-planting producer price of ZWL$150 000 per tonne.