Gun Violence rocks the USA

By Oleen Ndori

GUN violence continues to rock the United States of America after US police released a video of a high speed chase in Akron, Ohio, which ended in an Afro-American man being shot more than 60 times by the pursuing officers.

Reports say Jayland Walker aged 25 was shot and killed on the 27th of June after officers tried to stop his car over a traffic violation.

Akron authorities released two videos; one that was a compilation of body-camera footage, body-camera still frames and voiceover, and another of the complete body-camera footage of the high speed chase and shooting.

The US police claim that Walker did not stop, and drove off.

The police further claim that during the chase, a shot had been fired from Walker’s car and after several minutes Walker got out of his car while it was still moving and fled on foot.

All of the officers at the scene opened fire on Walker, shooting multiple times in rapid succession and killing him instantly.

The body-cam footage is too blurry to see clearly what happens, but an initial police statement released after the shooting says he behaved in a way that caused officers to perceive he posed a “deadly threat.”

The incident is the latest involving an African-American citizen at the hands of police, events that have sparked mass protests over racism and police brutality.