Growing concern over delays in issuance of drivers’ licences

By ZBC Reporter
The public has expressed concern over delays in the issuance of drivers’ licence disks amid allegations of corruption at the Central Vehicle Registry-CVR.

Still holding blue waiting certificates which used to be valid for only thirty days, successful Drivers’ Licence applicants say it has taken them more than three years to get disks from the CVR.

The desperate situation has allegedly seen some individuals abusing the system and making a killing, demanding as much as One Hundred United States dollars as licence disk processing fees.

I passed my licence three years back and paid postage fees but up to date I haven’t received my disk. Some scrupulous middlemen are preying on us on social media asking for as much as 100 USD and it’s so unfair,
These people claim to be working with VID bosses. We now feel that they are deliberately withholding our disks so that we fall prey to their third parties,said some of the applicants.

To verify such allegations, ZBC News undertook a covert investigation on social media platforms and had a chat with one of the self-proclaimed Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID) middlemen who charged a ZBC News Reporter a facilitation fee of 60 United States dollars.

It takes about 2 to 3 weeks, its 60 USD and you send a picture of your blue copy then you pay balance upon collection,he said.

Pressed for authenticity of the deal, Skynet Dealz confirmed working with CVR headquarters.

Yes you can call CVR and confirm everything before you pay the balance.

A VID senior official only identified as Chief Vehicle Inspector Dzapasi and CVR Registrar identified as Mr Makoni declined to comment on the issue saying they are not permitted to entertain the media.

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