Group of elders making a nutritional difference

By Memory Chamisa

SENIOR citizens in Harare’s Glenview 1 suburb have defied the odds by growing fresh, nutritious vegetables to supply nearby markets, boosting income and the health of the community in the process.

What started as a shot in the arm from donors has now turned into a thriving green space that is helping residents become food self-sufficient and increase access to fresh vegetables.

The Glenview 1 community garden project is run by pensioners and widowers who wake up as early as four am to attend to their various crops.

“We started this project as way of providing food for our families but as you can see we have increased production and we are now supplying other markets.”

“This project was meant to empower widows who need a source of income as some are not employed.”

“This garden has brought hope to some of us who did not have any means of income its better than not having anything at it is,” said the garden owners.

Despite their progress, the eight-hectare garden is watered using electronic boreholes which sometimes are a challenge for the gardeners in the absence of electricity.

“We water using the electric boreholes but when there is no electricity it becomes a challenge hence we need solar energy so that we can maximise on production.”

This is one community garden project full of jovial folk that have created social ties as witnessed by their slogan.

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