Great Zimbabwe University joins COVID 19 fight through manufacturing sanitizers

THE Great Zimbabwe University has joined the national fight against covid 19 by launching a sanitizer manufacturing project at their laboratory. The sanitizers will be handed over to the health personnel in the province.
As the world is on its knees due to the covid 19 pandemic all have been called to play their part in this battle.
Great Zimbabwe University has come on board through kick starting a sanitizer manufacturing project.

The sanitizers will be handed over to the health personnel in the province.

The Dean in the School of Sciences, Dr Eriyoti Chakaodza says they are following World Healthh Organisation -WHO guidelines in the manufacturing process.
“Our scientists are adhering to the W.H.O guidelines. There are formulations that have been availed by WHO through various channels. This product is a genuine product and it has at least 75% alcohol in it”
Great Zimbabwe University vice chancellor, professor Rungano Zvobgo says prevention is the first stage in the fight against coronavirus.
“ Universities have been called upon to be the vanguard . If we can prevent infection we have won the battle. Our role is to ensure we assist as many people as possible from catching the virus, “ said Prof Zvobgo.
Masvingo provincial medical director, Dr Amaedeus Shamhu says the use of sanitizers remains key in breaking the transmission cycle adding that it is worrisome that some companies that have mushroomed over night are now manufacturing sanitizers that possibly do not meet health standards.
“ At least we are now sure that we got the correct sanitizer. When something is needed a lot of companies start manufacturing and we got some which we were not sure if they are the correct thing . Our major worry has been if the sanitizer we got after this are the correct thing, “ said Shamhu.
Meanwhile Masvingo minister of State Cde Ezra Chadzamira, donated a consignment of knapsack sprays to health officials in the province to help in dealing with the pandemic.