Great Dyke platinum mining projects set for take-off by year-end

By ZBC Reporter
ZIMBABWE’S platinum mining sector is expected to register major growth following revelations that the multimillion-dollar great dyke platinum project will be operational by end of this year.
Russia’s ambassador to Zimbabwe His Excellency, Nikolai Krasilnikov revealed this when he paid a courtesy call on Vice President Retired General Constantino Chiwenga at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare this Thursday.
The Darwendale project is located in the mineral-rich great dyke belt and has initially earmarked millions of dollars in the first phase of the project, with indications it will produce 860 000 ounces of platinum per year.
The proposed take-off of the mining venture comes on the back of Russia- Zimbabwe deals that were reviewed last year.
Giving an update of the Great Dyke project and the Alrosa venture after meeting vice president Chiwenga in Harare this Thursday, Russia’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Nikolai Krasilnikov, said resources are being mobilised to ensure full-scale operations by the end of the year.
“In terms of investments, our two national projects are all on track, namely Great Dyke Investment and Alrosa. It is expected that Great Dyke will start constructing smelter facilities this year and Alrosa by the end of last year they had signed the agreement on establishing a joint venture so we expect major investment from this Russian company starting this year. We expect a number of other Russian companies and state cooperations to come to Zimbabwe to explore opportunities for investment and transfer of technology. We have very good prospects in the field of energy, information, and communication technologies,” said Ambassador Krasilnikov.
Ambassador Nikolai reaffirmed his country’s commitment to making a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the second republic in terms of investment, trade and technology transfer.
“We brought commitment to the vice president that we promote further cooperation between our two countries, in various fields to fulfill the agreements made by President Putin and President Mnangagwa last year when HE Mnangagwa visited Moscow. In the international arena, our coordination has strengthened significantly, Russia is grateful to Zimbabwe for support of Russian Federation resolutions at the United Nations. We appreciate the great contribution the Zimbabwean delegation made to the Russia Africa Summit that took place in Sochi in October last year. We have very strong relations between the Ministry of Home Affairs and our Ministry of Interior Cooperation. Together we will move forward for the benefit of our people. So We are determined to make a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the second Republic in terms of investment, trade, transfer of technology,” he reaffirmed.
The Darwendale platinum mining venture is among projects that are expected to propel the mining sector, which is expected to earn the country 12 billion US dollars in the next three years.