Great Dyke platinum mining project shapes up

By ZBC Reporter
Great Dyke Investments mining project in Darwendale is on track to achieve its target to commence operations by 2021 and sell the first concentrate by 2022.
The Mashonaland West Minister of State, Mary Mliswa toured Great Dyke Investments’ operations in Darwendale this Thursday, where she was taken through the various developments of the concession by the company’s Chief Operations Officer, Munashe Shava.
The company has already completed construction of an administration block and workers accommodation, while works currently underway include the development of roads and construction of a skills training centre. Shava spoke on the company’s targets.
“In principle, our plan is to make sure that by February, we are starting box cut developments and in the next four months, we start the decline developments and all this work we anticipate it to be done and completed within this financial year so that by late 2021 we should have finished and making sure that we are ready to switch on the plant and the first concentrate sale should happen in 2022,” he said
Minister Mliswa said the project will help the country achieve its vision to attain an upper-middle-income status by 2030.
“We must support this development, this is what President Mnangagwa is always talking about, productivity. This will help the country to attain its vision of becoming a middle-income economy by 2030,” said the Minister.
For the Environmental Management Agency (EMA), the main worry was on the designs of the slime dams and the relocation of affected communities.
“We told the investors to work on slime dam designs and a formal outline of how they are going to relocate people,” said Aaron Chigona, EMA Director-General.
The company, bankrolled by Russian investors, is expected to employ over 3 500 workers at its full capacity.