Grain millers halt imports on the back of bumper harvest

By ZBC Reporter

The bumper harvest achieved during the 2020/21 summer cropping season has seen grain miller’s transforming operations and halting grain imports, with government managing to restore national food security status.

Grain millers say the last 24 months have been different from an operational point of view owing to the sufficient grain produced last year.

The biggest miller in Zimbabwe, National Foods, managed to supply the market without importing a single grain, a feat they last achieved years ago. According to National Foods Executive Chipo Nheta.

“In prior years the company relied heavily on imports and 2021 and even now things have been different as we are sourcing our maize on the local market from GMB depots. This has also helped to stabilise prices due to the containment of imported inflation,” she said.

Another miller, Blue Ribbon Foods, echoed the same sentiments, praising the positive impact of the Pfumvudza/Intwasa and Command Agriculture programmes on their operations.

“Our capacity utilisation has received a big boost owing to the bumper harvest and all our milling plants are operating at full installed capacity as the availability of key grain was enough to sustain that,” said Kedarnathrao Bedire Blue Ribbon Foods Representative.

Wheat output broke the 300 thousand tonne mark for the first time in years, just 25 percent short of the national requirement of 400 thousand tonnes, with millers agreeing the resultant foreign currency savings have allowed them to retool.

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