Grain deliveries near one million tonnes

By Owen Mandovha
COORDINATED measures by the Grain Marketing Board to mobilise grain delivery are bearing fruit, with deliveries set to hit the one million tonnes mark.
Deliveries of grain to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) after a bountiful summer cropping season have peaked, with the latest update showing that over 900 thousand tonnes have so far been purchased.
“So far we are impressed by the figures coming out and as of Friday 908 000 metric tonnes of grain has so far been delivered and this is to the tune of 29 billion Zimbabwe dollars. We are expecting more deliveries as many farmers still have a lot of grain,” said Mr Rockie Mutenha, Chief Executive Officer for Grain Marketing Board.
This marketing season GMB rolled out an aggressive strategy to make it easier for farmers to deliver their crop resulting in an impressive performance.
“This season we have put in place a lot of collection points and built new depots. This has aided our capacity to mobilise grain from many farmers,” he said,
Farmers have since been encouraged to continue delivering grain to meet the one million five hundred thousand metric tonnes target of the strategic grain reserve which was reviewed from 500 thousand tonnes.