Govt to provide housing for people settled on wetlands

By ZBC Reporter

Government has stepped up efforts to provide alternative accommodation for people who have occupied illegal settlements and wetlands.

The latest development was confirmed by the Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities, Honourable Daniel Garwe during a ZBC Current Affairs programme; Face the Nation this Tuesday.

Cabinet put in place a taskforce on emergency disaster preparations. As we speak in Dzivarasekwa there is constructing of flats and people from wetlands such as Budiriro will benefit. Land is being identified hence this is  not a once off program. In Harare and Beatrice through the Ministry of Lands have found about 400 hectares, which is very suitable for human settlement and now we in the process of financing it and create a smart city, he said.

Honourable Garwe noted that the development of smart cities will incorporate rural areas with government funding the process.

We aware that 60% of the population is in rural areas so we are targeting to fund their development in the 2022 National Budget, he added.

Government is targeting construction of about 220 000 housing units by 2025 in line with the National Development Strategy 1.

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