Govt to pay 53 percent of examination fees at public schools

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has announced that it is paying 53 percent of the June and November examination fees for all candidates in public schools.
In a statement Wednesday evening, Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Cain Mathema said the Government will be contributing 53 percent of the examination fees for Grade seven, O and A level students while parents and guardians will pay the remaining 47 percent.
Minister Mathema said Government had already released $150 million towards preparations of the examinations. He said Government, Local Authority and non-profit mission schools will be the only ones to benefit.
“I would now like to advise all parents and guardians in Grade 7, Ordinary and Advanced levels. Government will be contributing 53 percent of the examination fees in public schools while parents and guardians will take up 47 percent.
“All candidates from private schools and colleges at Grade 7, O and A levels will meet the full cost of the examination fees,” read the statement.
For those in Grade 7, a student has to pay ZWL$125 while the government pays ZWL139, this is for all subjects at that level.
For seven subjects at O level, a student has to pay ZWL$90 while the government pays ZWL$100.
For three subjects at A level a student has to pay ZWL$165 while the government pays ZWL$186.
The new deadlines for the payment of examination fees are now 30 March 2020 for the June examination and 09 April 2020 for the November examination.
The government will pay for just seven subjects for O level and three subjects for A level, it will however not pay for students re-sitting exams or for those who would have sat for a paper in June and need to sit again for the same paper in November.
“Candidates who want to sit for examinations in more subjects at each level will meet the full fees of those subjects themselves,” the statement highlighted.
The new examination fees paying structure is being announced following a public outcry over a hike in examination fees earlier in the year by Zimsec.
Registration for an O-Level subject had been pegged at $190 up from last year’s $15 representing a massive 1166 percent increase.
Registering for an A-level subject was to cost $351 up from $26 representing 1250 percent hike. The government then intervened and ordered the examinations body to revert to 2015 fees.
The latest move cements governments thrust to provide access to education for all and is in line with the Education Amendment Act gazetted last Friday which makes it compulsory for all children to attend school from early childhood development (ECD) level before Grade One all the way to Form Four and parents who deprive their children of those 12 years of education can be fined or jailed for up to two years.