Govt signs MOA with Russia’s Rosatom to develop nuclear capacity for energy generation

By Owen Mandovha

THE country’s pursuit of nuclear energy development to expand its energy mix is progressing well with a Memorandum of Agreement having been signed between Zimbabwe and Russia.

In April this year, the government announced that it had entered into a pact with Russia to work closely and generate energy from nuclear power as the Eurasian nation is a global powerhouse in peaceful nuclear energy generation which accounts for 20 percent of its energy. 

Last week Energy and Power Development Minister, Honourable Soda Zhemu was in Vienna, Austria for the International Atomic Energy Agency Conference where he put pen to paper with Russia’s nuclear giant Rosatom to operationalise the agreement.

“The essence of the trip was basically to operationalise the MOU, which was announced by Government in April. Rosatom is a nuclear giant and Russia uses nuclear energy efficiently and peacefully for energy generation which accounts for about 20 percent of their energy. 

“So from here we are going to develop a nuclear policy and Rosatom will assist Government in coming up with that framework,” said Energy and Power Development Minister Soda Zhemu.

At the same event, Minister Zhemu also attended a signing ceremony of the additional protocol on Comprehensive Safeguards with the Director-General of the IAEA for the safe adoption and use of nuclear energy. 

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