Govt sets agriculture insurance into motion

By ZBC Reporter

GOVERNMENT has set in motion an agriculture and rural service insurance plan to cushion farmers from losing their crops and livestock to unexpected incidents and natural disasters.

Several farmers have over the years lost their crops to hailstorms while others failed to recover the value of their produce damaged by rains or fire owing to lack of insurance. 

This is however set to be a thing of the past after government this Tuesday set in motion an insurance model which will see the Agriculture Finance Corporation Insurance Company providing affordable insurance cover to farmers across the agriculture value chain.

“As you are aware the new dispensation has move in to assist farmers with inputs and loans under various programmes. But we have seen several farmers battling to recover their money and fail to pay back loans after their crops were damaged under different circumstance like fire, hailstorm and other disasters. The President Cde Mnangagwa has therefore appointed a board for the AFC insurance company to cater for such unexpected eventualities,said the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Dr. Anxious Masuka

Dr Masuka outlined several opportunities which the AFC Insurance Company can target.

“We have over 21 thousand Commercial Farmers whose farm government now considered can be transformed into 21 000 companies if AFC insurance can identify and support them with insurance cover,’’ he added.

Chaired by Ruth Ncube, other members of the AFC Insurance Board include Shamiso Chikobvu, Andrew Pascoe, Loveness Mhindurwa, Joyce Benza and Kura Sibanda.