Govt rolls out subsidised Silo products

BY ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has rolled out a Silo subsidised product distribution programme in Manicaland where vulnerable families have started to buy cooking oil and meal mealie at affordable prices.
The subsidised 10-kilogramme bag of mealie meal is costing ZWL$46.00 while two litres cooking oil is costing ZWL$40.00.
Beneficiaries of the initiative commended government for introducing safety nets that cater for their food needs. They have also urged government to take stern measures and punish corrupt people caught abusing the pro-poor assistance facility.
“We are grateful that government has delivered on its promises to provide affordable basic food items,” a beneficiary of the initiative said.
“We urge government to take stern measures against those who abuse the noble initiative aimed at assisting food insecure and vulnerable families,” a beneficiary added.
Chipinge South legislator, Enock Porusingazi and Chief Zimunya who attended the launch said the programme is testimony that government walks the talk on its pledge to assist vulnerable communities.
“Government should be commented for implementing measures to assist vulnerable families, the programme is testimony that government is people-driven,” Porusingazi said.
“We urge government to broaden the products being subsidised so that many people benefit,” Chief Zimunya said.
Acting Regional Manager, Grain Marketing Board Eastern Region, Rabson Nyan’ara says the cooking oil and mealie meal will go straight from the manufacturer to the end-user to reduce chances of manipulation.
“Silo products will now be available at all GMB depots and silo shops which were opened to ensure a wider reach of the company’s products. The products are being sold by the manufacturer to the consumer in order to do away with middlemen who put high mark ups that disadvantage the citizens,” he explained.
Manicaland Minister of State, Dr Ellen Gwaradzinda says the government subsidised programme is also aimed at assisting vulnerable families and warned those who harbour ambitions to take advantage of the facility.
“The subsidised products are not for re-sell. Those who have ambitions to re-sell should not attempt to short change the targeted beneficiaries of the project. Efforts will be made to ensure that intended beneficiaries of the programme benefit,” she said.
Meal mealie and cooking oil under the government subsidy programme have started to be distributed in Manicaland in an effort to cushion vulnerable communities from exorbitant price hikes.
Government through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development last year highlighted that it will subsidise basic commodities to cushion the populace from wanton price hikes by retailers. The government has also put in place other measures to protect citizens from the spiralling cost of living such as the mass public transport system through ZUPCO.