Govt prioritising food procurement: President Mnangagwa

By Josephine Mugiyo
GOVERNMENT is prioritising food procurement for the people ahead of any other programme, given the effects of drought on the majority of Zimbabweans. This was revealed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa when he addressed party supporters at Matizha in Gutu Masvingo Province, this Friday afternoon
The country has been experiencing consistent dry spells and this has affected food security for the majority of the populace .

As he addressed party supporters at Matizha, President Mnangagwa said the government has various projects that it is carrying out but it has since been agreed that food provision takes centre stage.
“Kune ma programme akawanda atirikuita, (there are many programmes that the government is doing) Some of them will now be delayed as we seek to provide food . We are bringing in maize from Mexico, Tanzania and other countries,” said the President.
The President highlighted that the food should be distributed on a non partisan basis .
“When we give food , ngatipei Munhu wose akaikwa na Mwari,” (give everyone created by God), he emphasised.
In an effort to ensure food security the President said communities will be given traditional grains seed which matures early and require less water.
Masvingo has the biggest number of water bodies, however, the President noted that these are not being utilised to their full capacity adding that government is coming up with programmes to ensure that all dams are fully exploited for the benefit of communities.
“Pane program yatirikuita ne ministry of agriculture ichaita kuti tigone kushandisa ma dams edu,” (there is a programme we will implement with the ministry of agriculture to enable us to fully utilise our dams), said President Mnangagwa.

The President also assured the rural folk who lost their livestock due to drought that the government has a restocking programme which has already started in some areas.
President Mnangagwa was in Masvingo Province this Friday as he led the National Clean up exercise which is observed every first Friday of every month. He had earlier on joined villagers at Mupandawana to clean up their environs.