Govt prioritises non-monetary incentives for public service employees

By Wellington Makonese

Government has made significant strides in improving working conditions for civil servants through availing various non-monetary benefits, apart from salary increments accompanied by a United States dollar component.

In meeting its obligations, the Public Service Commission has reiterated its commitment to creating a conducive working environment for civil servants, through adoption of new technologies and improved remuneration.

In an interview on ZBC News and Current Affairs programme, Face the Nation this Tuesday, the Public Service Commission’s Dr Tsitsi Choruma indicated that apart from salary increments accompanied with a United States Dollar component, provision of non-monetary benefits is also being prioritised.

“We are making efforts to balance monetary and non-monetary benefits. If you put all this together, we are getting somewhere it’s not all about the cash account but other things that can sustain. Globally that’s how it’s done to have salary for the month and make some savings,” she said.

She also highlighted steps that have been taken to weed out ghost workers.

“We have managed to reduce the wage bill by close to 50 percent, we have had the biometric system.”

To cushion civil servants and improve their welfare, the Second Republic introduced non-monetary incentives which include provision of housing, affordable transport through PSC buses and duty-free vehicle imports.