Govt embarks on COVID-19 vaccination blitz

By Memory Chamisa

The Ministry of Health and Child Care is intensifying its COVID-19 vaccination campaign, with a blitz set to start tomorrow across the country’s provinces targeting adults and children aged above 12 years.

Vice President, General (Retd) Dr Constantino Chiwenga, who is also the Minister of Health and Child Care, this Sunday called on all those eligible for vaccination to make use of the campaign, which comes as the government continues to ensure all citizens are protected from the deadly COVID-19 virus.

“Government in collaboration with all stakeholders, plans to conduct a mass vaccination campaign blitz. The campaign aims to vaccinate all those from the age of 12 years and above. The first phase will run from 21 March to 3 April and the second phase will run from 2 May to 15 May. It is my privileged advice to you all that COVID-19 vaccines protect you and your families,” Vice President Chiwenga said.

He added: “May I take this opportunity to reassure the nation that the government is committed to ending the pandemic by implementing several key public health and social measures to protect individuals and communities so that the severity of the COVID-19 disease and or possibly death is mitigated. It must be noted that the country’s COVID-19 vaccination programme is one of the strongest on the African continent.”

Vice President Chiwenga also dispelled fake news being circulated on social media that government had lifted the mandatory wearing of face masks and PCR tests.

“Social media is being abused let me dispel all the fake rumours being peddled on social media that people can move around without wearing face masks. That is not true continue wearing your masks and PCR tests are still mandatory.”

During the vaccination blitz all hospitals, clinics, primary and secondary schools and other approved places will be on full throttle administering the vaccines as the country has secured sufficient vaccine doses to avert an imminent winter wave.