Govt committed to providing reliable transport system to citizenry

By ZBC Reporter

GOVERNMENT says it remains committed to ensuring the provision of safe, affordable and reliable mass transport system to the citizenry.

In a statement, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works Mr Lameck Mudyiwa revealed that government is currently engaging franchise holders who had withdrawn their services citing delay in payment of their dues.

Mr Mudyiwa assured franchise holders that government remains committed to timeous payments and is working round the clock to address the anomaly.

He urged franchise holders to resume operations and work with ZUPCO as provided for under Statutory Instrument Number 83 of 2020 and Section 193 of the Urban Council Act.

Mr Mudyiwa urged the commuting public to remain calm as government institutes measures to restore normal transport services.

Government has so far procured more than 500 ZUPCO buses as the Second Republic continues to transform the mass public transport system.