Govt committed to addressing economic shocks

By Patience Nyagato

GOVERNMENT says it remains committed to absorbing internal and external economic shocks in order to ensure Zimbabweans continue to access basic commodities at affordable prices.

As prices of basic commodities continue to rise due to internal and external forces, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development Hon Clemence Chiduwa, updated the National Assembly on government measures to mitigate the economic shocks through fixing the exchange rate, among other measures.

“The increase of prices is being caused by some external forces although there are also some internal forces. The price hikes have nothing to do with economic fundamentals and so as to mitigate external and internal shocks we are trying to fix the exchange rate. We allowed banks to do the willing buyer willing seller system that is also being used at the black market to try and balance the scales. We also have safety nets for those that would require assistance,” he said.

Senators also debated the issue of civil servants remuneration.

The Upper House was also updated on the re-engagement and engagement policy progress which has seen milestones in sectors such as agriculture and transport, among others

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Honourable Felix Mhona updated the nation on the drivers’ licence disks backlog.

“Since 2019, people had not received their driver’s licence disks. I am happy to announce that people who attained their licenses between 2019 and 2021 will get their licensing disks as we have the required material and we also plan to have a license disk acceptable in the region,” said Mhona.