Govt commended for preserving world heritage sites

By Gay Matambo

A Senegalese delegation on culture and heritage which was at the Great Zimbabwe Monuments recently, has commended the country’s efforts in the preservation of world heritage sites.

After a tour of the Great Zimbabwe Monuments, administrators of various heritage sites in Senegal told ZBC News that they were impressed by projects being implemented by the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe and its partners at the world heritage site.

They pledged to replicate the conservation projects in their home country.

“We are here to appreciate what is being done here in Zimbabwe in terms of preserving cultural heritage sites. We have seen that so much is being done and its important for us Africans to preserve these places for future generations,” said Ms Diouf Ngakane Gning- Administrator in the Ministry of Culture and Communication at Place Du Souvenir Africain.

”We plan to replicate these projects which seek to conserve heritage sites. That is why we visited, we came to appreciate what the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe is doing,” noted Mr Birame Mbarou, Administrator General in the Ministry of Culture and Communication at African Renaissance Monument.

National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe Southern Region Director, Mr Lovemore Mandima said the Senegalese delegation’s visit will pave way for the two countries to share notes on the preservation of cultural heritage sites.

“Such visits will enable us to share notes with them. We will learn from them whilst they learn from us. We are hopeful that they appreciate what we are doing here in terms of preservation of heritage sites,” he said.

In line with the development of cultural heritage sites in Zimbabwe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa launched a project for the rehabilitation and development of the Great Zimbabwe World Heritage Site in June this year.