Govt, Church partners in development-President

By ZBC Reporter
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has described the church as a reliable partner to government, faithfully empowering the citizens through various programmes and assisting the nation in its times of need.
President Mnangagwa expressed his gratitude to the church for assisting in times of need especially during natural disasters such as Cyclone Idai during the Zaoga forward in faith church’s 49th international pastors “deeper life leadership conference” in Glen View this Sunday.
“Your church has also proved to be a reliable partner in empowering our citizens as well as responding to national needs. As a government, we are grateful for the contributions you made towards Cyclone Idai victims early last year. “We also recognise the hospitals, schools and university, which you have established. These go a long way in providing medical care and quality and quality affordable education to our people. It is our hope as government that other church administered schools nationwide will emulate you and charge reasonable school fees,” said the President.
It is almost a year since Zimbabwe experienced its worst natural disaster, Cyclone Idai, which left in its wake permanent emotional scars as well as infrastructural and environmental devastation of unmatched proportions.
In the aftermath, Zimbabweans from all walks of life gave all they could to assist the survivors.
Cyclone Idai is just but one of the many areas in which the church in Zimbabwe has assisted. It has gone beyond this, providing social amenities such as schools, hospitals and universities.
With the nation worried about the violence in mining communities where terror gangs wielding machetes are giving people sleepless nights, President Mnangagwa called on the clergy, drawn from 150 countries, to nurture moral values among the people.
“We are one nation we should live in harmony. Since we were all created in his image, we should resist the temptation to be violent, to hate, and to do evil to one another. It is not our Zimbabwean culture to be violent, to hate and to do evil to one another. Instead, as Christ has taught us in Matthew 5 verse 9, let us be peacemakers. To that end, I expect all churches to be identified as transformers of people’s lives, builders of dreams, places and bridges of hope,” he said.
Having been made to appreciate that the annual conference is about reorienting Zaoga pastors towards their mandate, the President expressed his desire that the same be done to cabinet ministers.
“The voice of the church must continue to inspire, motivate, guide and to harness men, women and the youth as we gird and strengthen ourselves to grow our economy, to rid ourselves of corruption and end poverty. We must uphold a culture of hard honest work; determined to plant and reap what we would have sown,” said President Mnangagwa.
The church celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, and Professor Ezekiel Guti told the gathering that Zaoga will always preach the message of love.