Govt anxious to avert a Covid-19 4th wave

By Abigirl Tembo Health Editor
ZIMBABWEANS have been challenged to draw lessons from the Covid-19 fatalities recorded during the past three waves in order to avert a potentially lethal 4th wave.
With the Covid-19 death rate now standing at 4 thousand 662 and the majority of cases having been recorded during the second and third waves, communities have been challenged to guard against complacency in order to avoid loss of lives in the event of a fourth wave.
“As a country we need to take the lessons seriously so that we are able to plan accordingly and make sure that we are avoiding and making sure that if we do get hit by a 4th wave we are prepared. The lessons that we have learnt is the fact that if we are complacent we can and we will be hit by a much bigger wave so it is so critical that we take note of the lesson ls we have learnt against complacency. We have also leant that a whole of Government and a whole of society approach is the way to go” said Dr Agnes Mahomva, the Chief Coordinator for the National Response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
To avert the impact of a 4th wave, Dr Mahomva called on people to get vaccinated.
“Prevention is critical each time we have a large number of cases going up we have also learnt on the importance of vaccination. We are very confident that if we ramp up our vaccination programme we can reach herd immunity and this will ensure that our country is protected,” urged Dr Mahomva.
To date, 3 million 251 thousand 466 people have received the first dose, while 2 million 517 thousand 656 people are now fully vaccinated.

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