Government’s inclusive approach in education sector bears fruit

By Mercy Bofu

Margaretha Hugo Capota School for the Blind in Masvingo is one of the institutions which accommodates children who are visually impaired.

Given the government’s inclusive education approach, the school has been on an expansion drive as shown by its enrolment patterns.

“Our school is growing, showing that children living with disability are being allowed to access quality education,” said Mr Tapiwa Madamombe Headmaster, M Hugo Capota School for the Blind.

However, the school is facing several challenges such as a lack of special teaching material and essentials for the boarding facility, among others.

“An increase in enrolment comes with a number of challenges. As it stands, we do not have adequatre learning material,beds and kitchen equipment,” he added.

A local seed company has since come to the rescue of the school after donating more than 400 blankets as part of its social responsibility programme.

“The inclusion of everyone including those who are living differently is very important to us. We aim to work with such organisations that are supporting persons living differently, helping them improve their quality of life,” noted Ms Marjorie Mutemererwa, Seedco Senior Manager Public Relations and Special Projects.

Last year, the government launched the National Disability Policy which seeks to address the marginalisation and discrimination of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and empower them economically.