Government working to address health care workers concerns -VP Chiwenga

By Fairstars Mukungurutse

HEALTH and Child Care Minister and Vice President Retired General Dr Constantino Chiwenga has assured doctors and health care workers that the government is working on addressing their concerns.

Speaking soon after launching the climate proofed presidential input programme, known as the Pfumvudza Concept in Guruve this Thursday, Vice President Chiwenga, said the government is aware of health workers’ challenges adding that modalities are being put in place to address their concerns.

He urged doctors to resume their duties and attend to patients.

“We know some health workers are saying we cannot cope up so we are leaving our jobs but we are saying no patient must be left unattended once we lose lives it cannot be reversed. There are some of the oaths that are taken by nurses and doctors and we must follow these, but it doesn’t necessarily mean us as the government are not cognisant of what needs to be rectified, we know it and we are going to rectify everything.”

“Doctors and nurses let’s have people at heart and help patients. We are going to do something about all the problems you are facing. But it can’t be done in a day, we do not have a timeline but we are not going to take much time. We must unite and work together. For people to have a bumper harvest, for people to be productive health must be prioritised and people must be healthy.”

Following his appointment to take charge of the health portfolio, Vice President Chiwenga is on record that the government is working on a raft of measures to improve service delivery.