Government, Universities collaborate on climate change mitigation

By ZBC Reporter

GOVERNMENT is stepping up training and research on climate change, with State universities being roped in as part of efforts to enhance adaptation and mitigation.

Natural disasters such as cyclone Idai which affect the agriculture sector have led government though the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry to collaborate with state universities to build a critical mass of personnel who will tackle climate change.

The partnership extends to State universities in each province and will result in the creation of area specific adaptation and mitigation strategies.

“From current studies and research it shows that these events are projected to increase in terms of frequency of extreme climate events. Then we have engaged a state university in each province,” said Kudzai Ndidzana Deputy director Climate Change management.

The initiative comes at a time when local universities are widening research in the field of climate change.

“There is a national programme that is actually focusing on climate change and also redefining our agro-ecological regions in the country and it is actually led by the dean of our facility who is a specialist on climate change. We now have this doctrine called education 5.0 were we don’t just teach but do research,” said Dr Tapiwanashe Charumbira BUSE dean faculty of Science and Engineering.

Research has shown that the frequency and intensity of extreme weather patterns will increase if mitigation measures are not carried out.