Government targets rebuilding national herd

By ZBC Reporter

THE Government has launched the climate proofed presidential livestock input support scheme in Marondera to boost the depleted national herd.

In an effort to rebuild the national herd following deaths of cattle due to drought tick-bone diseases, the government has taken the livestock support programme to provinces, with farmers in Marondera West being the latest to benefit from a forage legume pasture input packs for on farm feed and fodder production.

“This is a pass on scheme which should be managed through the existing structures until all cattle farmers are covered,” said Aplonia Munzverengwi, Mashonaland East Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution.

The input package comprises of three seed input packs

The programme has an initial target of at least 50 000 small holder households with approximately 370 000 cattle out of the 572 154 cattle in Mashonaland east.

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