Government sets the record straight on wildlife management

By Mhlomuli Ncube

Government says its wildlife management and conservation policies are above board and seek to ensure sustenance of the sector.

The country’s hunting season usually attracts international attention, with the so-called animal rights activists seeking to paint Zimbabwe in bad light.

However, government has set the record straight saying management and conservation of different herds and species remains a priority.

Hon Mangaliso Ndlovu, the Minister of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, said: “We are enemies to none. We don’t seek to create any enmity, we want to pursue mutually beneficial partnerships and people think that they know the rights of our animals more than we do, much as we have kept them to where we are today. It is nonsensical to hear people telling us of things we don’t know of. We have to be clear that as a country our conservation remains a priority. Community engagement remains a priority we will not be made to turn around following stories by people who sit behind desktops creating stories because that’s where they get their funding from.”

This comes after the usual purveyors of falsehoods claimed a lion known as Mopane had been killed at Hwange National Park, but the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority confirmed that no such lion exists in its database.

According to authorities, the hunting season is conducted in line with set regulations, with the goal being to harness resources for the funding of wildlife management and conservation purposes.