Government reiterates commitment to improve welfare of civil servants

By John Nhandara

GOVERNMENT says it will continuously work on improving the welfare of its employees, with another engagement between civil servants and their employer scheduled for next week.

This came out as a debate arose during this Wednesday’s Question and Answer Session in the National Assembly on government’s position with regards to improving conditions of service for public servants.

“We are negotiating with representatives of civil servants on improving their conditions of service. We have another meeting next week on Monday. As government, we have that commitment to improve their conditions of service and that’s why this year alone, we have made periodic reviews to their salaries,” said the Minister of Public Service snd Social Welfare, Professor Paul Mavhima.

Government has also disbursed funds for more than one million learners under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM).

“We have increased the number of vulnerable learners under BEAM from 500 000 to 1.5 million. Schools with proper and requisite documentation have already received school fees for the second term. This time we are not only providing tuition fees, but also stationery and uniforms for the leaners,” he added.

Expediting rehabilitation of rural roads before the onset of the rainfall season was also topical.

“We are working closely with DDF which has a mandate of repairing our rural roads some of which have been in a very bad shape for a long time. We are escalating the process and also hoping that we will have more allocations in terms of funds to achieve the desired results. Currently, we have a conducive environment to work on the roads as legislators have rightly mentioned that rains affect road works,” noted the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Hon Felix Mhona.

Legislators were also assured government is prioritising quality in the execution of the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme.