Government pardons striking doctors

By ZBC Reporter
MEDICAL Doctors who were on strike have apologised for their misconduct with the government pardoning and allowing them to go back to their workstations.
It was indeed a rare moment when doctors in training who have been on an industrial action countrywide met Vice President Retired General Dr Constantino Chiwenga, who is also in charge of the health and child care portfolio.
Accompanied by the Chairperson in the Department of Health Professions Education at the university of Zimbabwe, like prodigal sons, the doctors admitted their misconduct and expressed remorse for their actions.
In a heart to heart talk, the vice president reminded the doctors that their professional mandate adding that they must value the sanctity of life in whatever action they decide to take.
Dr Chiwenga assured the doctors that government is committed to ensuring that health care workers are adequately remunerated.
Deputy minister of health and child care Dr John Mangwiro thanked the vice president for his understanding and giving the doctors in training a second chance to pursue their studies.
Members of the health services board were also in attendance.
Last year some doctors were dismissed from public health service for violating multiple labour provisions, leaving the Government with no option but to institute disciplinary action.
In August last year the Government through the Bipartite Negotiating Panel offered to review all health workers’ basic salaries by 50 to 76 percent on a sliding scale.
All health workers, junior doctors included were in agreement and signed the collective bargaining agreement on the understanding that negotiations centred on reviewing allowances would continue.
Government also made a commitment to look into the provision of transport for health workers and further review the cost of living adjustment in the fourth quarter of the year.
However, some doctors backtracked and disowned the agreement.

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