Government offers civil servants 97% salary increment

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has offered civil servants a salary increment of up to 97 percent which will see the lowest paid worker earning a monthly salary of over two thousand Zimbabwe dollars.
According to the resolutions of the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC) meeting held in Harare this Friday, government came up with several cushioning packages, which the civil servants have however rejected.
In terms of the cost of living adjustment, government came up with a salary increment offer on a sliding scale that will see the least paid worker getting a 97 percent hike with the highest paid worker being offered a 56 percent salary increase.
Government also offered a December cushioning allowance of at least 750 Zimbabwe dollars, which will be paid before or on the January pay date.
On the issue of the vouchers, the government proposed to consult key principals before they come up with a position.
However, the talks are set for another round after other civil servants’ workers unions rejected the offer.