Government moves to regularise informal settlements

By ZBC Reporter

THE Government has started regularising informal settlements after setting a baseline for planning and interventions that will improve infrastructure and sanitation.

Informal settlements have created a headache for authorities while also presenting an opportunity for land barons to fleece desperate home seekers.

The government is now correcting this set-up with an inventory being made ahead of interventions that will help improve these areas.

The government measures were revealed by National Housing and Social Amenities Minister, Honourable Daniel Garwe at Solomia farm in Ruwa this Monday.

“Tauya kutoita regularise this area and tabvumirana kuti pachaitwa mapayments of 4 USD per square Metre. This is an agreement yataita nebank and tichiita kuti ma sewer nemari zvigadzirike. Tatanga neSolomia but tichaenda across the country tichigadzirisa,”( we have come to regularise this area, payments of 4 us$ per square meter will be made, this is the agreement we have with the bank so that the area is properly serviced. We have begun with Solomia but we will do this countrywide), said the Minister.

The decision to regularise the settlement at Solomia farm is expected to come as a huge relief to the residents with Financial partner, ZB Bank ready for proper infrastructural development.

“We are ready and what we will do is make sure that we provide mortgages for the residents. we are now working on the paperwork to start the project and this is a process that we will be finalising with the Ministry,” said Mr Ron Mutandagayi- the ZB Group Chief Executive Officer.

The regularisation of Solomia farm will involve direct payments to the Bank as the ministry moves to plug any loopholes of exploitation by land barons.

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