Government labels PSMAS Board dysfunctional

By Owen Mandovha

GOVERNMENT has declared the Public Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) Board dysfunctional after wayward behavior which has put the name of the organisation into disrepute.

The board has been castigated a clique for running the organisation like a personal piggy bank at the expense of efficient medical aid services. 

Briefing the media this Wednesday, Chief Director in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Dr Pfungwa Kunaka disclosed that the clique has been holding unsanctioned meetings, an act of gross misconduct which puts the name of the medical aid company into disrepute.

“It is unfortunate that some clique of Board Members are holding meetings without inviting some members of the board especially those appointed by Government and taking irrational decisions without the input of these Government appointed members,” he said.

Dr Kunaka also accused the board of perpetuating a false narrative attacking government for ulterior motives.

“Government poured about ZWL5,2 billion into the company for its membership but the Board Members are peddling falsehoods on the intentions of Government saying that we need to undertake a takeover,” he added.

PSMAS draws its largest membership from government employees and apart from government-appointed board members, others are drawn from representatives of labour unions whose actions have rendered the board dysfunctional.