Government intensifies climate change training and research

By Gay Matambo

The Great Zimbabwe University has signed a climate change mainstreaming agreement, which will see priority going towards research and training programmes.

The research and training programme, which will see 50 members of the provincial development committee acquiring knowledge on climate change, comes at a time when the phenomenon is wreaking havoc worldwide.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Mr Munesuishe Munodawafa believes climate change mainstreaming and a solid adaptation plan are key in the success of national projects.

“We realised that we need a process which will start infusing climate change mainstreaming it as it were, in all our processes including the national budgeting process and now that we talking of devolution it also becomes relevant even for project selection, at provincial level and prioritization of those projects as well,” he said.

Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) Vice Chancellor, Professor Rungano Zvobgo accepted that it is the role of tertiary institutions to enhance the development of the country through participating in such programmes.

“I believe that this climate change project after we saw what happened in Manicaland, it should help our people live better. We really have been tasked by government to do an honorous job to make sure that we transform the lives of our people,” he said.

Great Zimbabwe University, University of Zimbabwe and the National University of Science and Technology were selected to impart knowledge on climate change mainstreaming to the fifty members of the provincial development committee drawn from all the provinces across country.