Government dismisses report of Covid-19 in Zimbabwe

By ZBC Reporter
THE Ministry of Health and Child Care has dismissed a report of Covid-19 (coronavirus) in Zimbabwe saying the report on is fake. In a statement, the ministry has stated that the said 118 cases are fake.
“The website quotes an interim Minister of Health and Child Care as having addressed a press conference to announce this fake news. Zimbabwe has no interim Minister of Health and Child Care. No such press conference was ever held by the MoHCC. The public is therefore urged to ignore this fake news,” reads the statement.
The ministry re-affirmed that as of 15 February 2020 , no cases of Coronavirus have been reported in Zimbabwe.
The statement noted that the ministry is concerned by falsehoods that are being continuously reported by individuals via social media and in some newspapers saying the falsehoods are damaging to the country’s image and cause panic and despondency among the public.
“All those who want to report on Covid-19 are advised to seek informed information from the responsible authorities who are the minister himself or his permanent secretary to avoid publishing falsehoods,” said the statement.
The ministry assured that adequate measures have been put in place to prevent, detect and respond to the outbreak adding that all health workers are on alert having been trained under the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response programme.
China is currently battling with an outbreak of Covid-19 virus which has killed 1,523 people within China, mostly in Hubei where it first emerged. These include 143 deaths newly reported on Saturday by the country’s national health commission. A further 2,641 people have been newly confirmed as infected, bringing China’s total cases to 66,492. Outside mainland China, there have been more than 500 cases in 26 countries.
Covid-19 is a respiratory infection caused by coronaviruses.
The symptoms of the Covid-19 include fever, chestpain, chills, breathing difficulties, headache, sorethroat, cough, pneumonia and kidney failure.