Government disburses $124.9 million towards devolution programmes in Manicaland

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has disbursed over 120 million Zimbabwe dollars towards devolution projects in Manicaland Province, with other funds also being allocated for social safety nets, Cyclone Idai and Covid-19 interventions.
Briefing President Emmerson Mnangagwa on the state of affairs in Manicaland province, the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba revealed that a total of 124.9 million Zimbabwe dollars has been disbursed under the devolution programme, thereby capacitating local authorities to embark on life-changing projects.
“We are grateful for the devolution programme. We have been allocated 124. 9 million under devolution funds with 107.25 million already put to good use translating into 86 percent of the money,” she said.
Manicaland Provincial Development Co-ordinator, Mr Edgar Seenza says interventions in Chimanimani have been boosted by government support, with millions of dollars being poured for the benefit of Cyclone Idai survivors and post-disaster reconstruction works.
“Millions of dollars have been allocated by the government towards assist survivors with 18 irrigation schemes that were affected by Cyclone Idai now operational. The use of the resources was highly transparent with those allegedly accused of abusing the resources being arrested. Four were convicted while six cases are still pending in courts,” he said.
Manicaland Zanu pf Provincial Chairperson, Cde Mike Madiro, who is also the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, says the prevailing economic stability confirmed that the ruling party is championing programmes that benefit the ordinary people.
“The nation is very much appreciative of the programmes being conducted by the government including the move to stabilise the economy. The party has taken advantage of many positive achievements to mobilise the people and bolster its support base,” he said.
In his response, President Mnangagwa said although the Covid-19 pandemic had made it difficult to procure grain, government is doing its best to provide food to the general populace and thwart the manoeuvrers of economic saboteurs.
“The pandemic affected the logistics to bring grain into the country from March due to COVID-19 pandemic. We did an investigation and realised that 8.4 billion dollars was circulating in the economy outside the banking system. We pounce on the culprits and we will not rest until they are behind bars,” he said.
The President said he will deliver on the promise made to the late Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement Retired Air Chief Marshal Perrance Shiri to provide 5 000 motorbikes to Agriculture Extension Workers.
He also challenged party officials and the losing candidate for Chikanga -Dangamvura Cde Esau Mupfumi to institute new strategies that will see the party winning back the constituency during the upcoming by-elections.

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