Government assures nation of increased production and availability of covid 19 drugs

By Zbc Reporter
The government has assured the nation of adequate production and availability of drugs in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and is mobilising more resources in its pharmaceutical value chain sector.
The chairperson of the production and material committee for the ministerial taskforce of covid-19 , Dr Sekai Nzenza this Thursday toured two government pharmaceutical production and distribution firms CAPS Holdings and NatPharm to assess stocks of Covid 19 related drugs.
CAPS Holdings production director, Farirai Mtema told the Minister that while there is capacity, increased resource mobilisation is of greater importance.
“ It is really a stakeholder call and approach that can see all of us pull through provided we do things in the right systems or manner,” Farirai Mtema, CAPS production director.
NatPharm regional manager, Raguel Mthombeni says the entity is focusing on maintaining enough stocks of Covid-19 related drugs .
“ We are doing our best to complement the government although we are also running short of some drugs we remain confident of maintain adequate drugs,” Raguel Mthombeni NatPharm regional manager.
Dr Nzenza said government is focusing on supporting its entities in the drug manufacturing value chain.
“ No wonder why I had to come here to see what we can do best and ensure all the challenges are attended to as a matter of urgency,” said Dr Nzenza.
The tour also provided an opportunity for the government to identify potential opportunities of increasing the production of covid-19 drugs and other related elements .