Government appoints Foreign Service Institute board

By Josephine Mugiyo, Diplomatic Correspondent

THE government has appointed a board of governors which will oversee the setting up of the Zimbabwe Foreign Service Institute for training diplomats on international relations.

The idea of setting up the Zimbabwe Foreign Services Institute (ZFSI) was first mooted in 1992 and a study was undertaken to constitute the framework for the establishment of the institution to train diplomats on executing their mandate.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister, Ambassador Frederick Shava who spoke during the installation of the board which has eight members, said the project was in limbo since 1992 until a proclamation by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2020.

“The consultant recommended that the institute’s initial focus was to build on the existing capacity in the ministry’s training department.

“The training department was therefore subsequently tasked to train new Foreign Service entrants to sound administration, policy formulation, diplomatic skills and international relations,” he said.

Ambassador Shava emphasised that the country requires skilled, knowledgeable and visionary diplomats to tap into new opportunities for trade, commerce and development.

“Zimbabwe begs for effective diplomats who can build coalitions with different actors , namely the public’s vigils society , private sector and academia in order to propel the country forward in all spheres of life.”

The ZFSI board of governors is now expected to appoint a director general of the institute and come up with regulations to govern the activities of the institute, among other duties.