Government allays fears of starvation

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has allayed fears of starvation in rural areas saying it is committed to ensuring that food aid reaches all the food insecure households.
During her visit to cyclone Idai affected areas in Buhera North Constituency this Thursday, the Deputy Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Marian Chombo reassured villagers that government and its development partners will continue to work towards the rehabilitation of destroyed infrastructure.
The deputy minister also urged people to be patient as the government is currently seized with several challenges that also require attention.
“We know region five is always problematic in terms of insufficient rainfall and you were also affected by the cyclone but I want to assure you that no one is going to starve just like the president promised us. Measures are being taken to ensure that everyone gets assistance especially the elderly,” she said.
Buhera North legislator, William Mutomba noted that several destroyed buildings have already been rehabilitated with some still under construction.
He, however, called upon communities to complement government efforts in restoring normalcy to those affected by the ferocious Cyclone Idai.
“It has been a while now since Cyclone Idai hit but the coming of the Deputy Minister has proven that the government has people at heart. Now it is time for everyone to come on board and work with the government to bring back normalcy,” he said.
Communities affected by the cyclone in Buhera are on a recovery path with at least 36 houses having already been completed, while over 300 others are nearing completion.
Schools infrastructure has also been reconstructed in most parts of the district.